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Note From the Pastor

Since our family moved to Jackson Heights and I started serving as lead pastor from July of 2019, I feel extremely blessed and proud to call Community Church my home. Uprooting my family after living eight years on the mission field (Kazakhstan) is not an easy transition, yet the people in this church have been nothing but kind and supportive to our family from the moment we arrived. I truly feel the love of Christ in this tight-knit, multiracial community. This church has also strengthened my faith through their sincere desire to grow in Christ and their passionate expression of faith in worship. While it may sound unusual that I am speaking about how the congregation strengthens me and not the other way around, I share this with you as a testimony to God’s love and presence in our midst. In the ways in which this community has been a blessing to my family, my hope is that you too, will have that same experience. If you are seeking both to grow in your faith and to find a loving community, I extend hospitality on behalf of this church. May the love of God, the grace of Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you!

Pastor Kim

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