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Our church has agreed to “adopt” a family of 7 who lost everything in the apartment fire on 34th Avenue and 89th Street earlier this week. We are in contact with the COVID Care Network who is working with the families who have been displaced by the fire.

Their main need right now is money, so we are asking that church members who are able consider giving a monetary gift, then the church will share the money in the form of AmEx gift cards. Click here then place your gift under “Discretionary.” In the blank space YOU MUST WRITE “Fire Victim Relief.” You can also bring a check made out to the church, specified “Fire Victim Relief” in the memo line, as well as on the outside envelope, on Sunday or during office hours.”  

The family has 4 children (ages 11 to 20) and 3 adults in the household. They lived on the 6th floor so they will not be able to return to their apartment for a very long time. They are currently in a shelter. They can use the giftcards to buy what they need immediately, including food and clothes.

Pastor Kim

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