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On Saturday, December 26, members of the CUMC English congregation braved the elements and distributed food and clothing to the local residents of Jackson Heights. The morning started with a scare as 50 whole chickens which were being stored in the church freezer had thawed out because of a malfunction with the freezer. But because of the outpouring of donations to purchase food, we were able to purchase fifty $10 gift cards to Food Town and people who received the canned goods and gift cards were extremely grateful. The distribution would not have been possible without the generous donations of food, finances, and clothing from so many congregants! We continue to pray for the many families who are struggling with basic necessities and hope that we can continue to provide for peoples’ needs through the power and grace of Christ. 

Just a reminder that this Sunday is Communion Sunday. If you are worshiping from home, please prepare a cup of juice and some bread.

Pastor Kim

Mission Statement

We at COMMUNITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH as disciples of Jesus Christ, are called by God
-to deepen our faith through inspiring worship and challenging small group study,
-to build our fellowship through hospitality and acceptance, and
-to transform the world through active service and faithful witness.

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